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Laundry Bags Mesh Clothing Care and Washing Bag Set Large Mesh Bra Washing Clothes Net Bag

Laundry Bags Mesh Clothing Care and Washing Bag Set Large Mesh Bra Washing Clothes Net Bag

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• Fine Mesh Material :Crafted from fine mesh material, these laundry bags ensure your clothes stay snag-free and in pristine condition during the washing process.

• Large Size :The set includes large laundry bags, perfect for washing bulky items like bras and cloths, ensuring they get clean without getting lost in the wash.

• Printed Design :Featuring a stylish printed design, these laundry bags add a touch of charm to your laundry routine, making it less mundane and more enjoyable.

• Care for Clothing :These laundry bags are not just functional but also care for your clothing, preventing them from getting tangled or damaged during the washing process.

• Easy to Use :These laundry bags are easy to use, simply put your clothes inside, seal it, and throw it in the washing machine for a hassle-free laundry experience.

• Pack of Two :The set includes two laundry bags, allowing you to do your laundry in batches, saving time and energy.

Protect clothing, prevent different clothing entanglement, avoid deformation. It can increase friction (between the clothes and the laundry bag) and wash clean.

A variety of specifications to meet different needs,

Fine stitching, exquisite workmanship, more solid and beautiful.

Protect clothes from being wrapped with other clothes in the washing machine.

Protect clothes to reduce washer or dryer rolling and distortion.

The zipper is made of an elastic zipper guard - ensuring a quiet, snag-free wash

Durable breathable polyester fiber material

Perfect for protecting all clothing

Extend the life of all clothing, underwear, socks, underwear, etc.

Protect the bra from distortion and damage when washed with other clothing.

1.Material Upgrade: The product uses high quality polyester fiber, hexagonal design and clothes friction better cleaning. Regular mesh, so that water flow through the wash more smoothly. The external network is thick, the internal network is fine, the middle sponge layer, drain smooth, more durable.

2.Protect Zipper Design: Zipper protective cover design, avoid zipper damage to clothing, so that the product service life is longer, let you use more at ease.

3.Embroidery Mark: Embroidery logo corresponding to different clothes, clear classification, care of clothes to wash more sanitary, more healthy.

4.Protect Clothes: Anti-winding prevent bra clothing and other clothing directly produce friction, winding, tearing and other phenomena. Anti-deformation better protection of clothing from the impact of water deformation. Prevent wear and tear avoid the clothes from being caught by the metal and ornaments on other clothes during washing to prevent the clothes from being torn.

100% new and high quality

Style: Foldable host

Material: Polyester

Purpose: Sorting and storage

Feather: Mesh laundry bag

Model: Laundry bag

Underwear wash bag: Underwear wash bag

Function: Laundry bag




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