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Board Games Cards Table Game Family Party Card Toys Children Kids

Board Games Cards Table Game Family Party Card Toys Children Kids

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UNO Game Cards, Card Games for Films Fans, Cards for Children and Adults, Party Game, Family Game for 2-10 Players
【Game Instructions】: 1. Each player first grabs a certain number of cards, usually 7. 2. Turn a card over from the stack and place it on the table. 3. Players must play cards that match the colour and number of cards on the table. If there are no cards that can be played, you need to draw a card until a card can be played. 4. The first player to play all the cards of his hand wins.
Special cards: the playing cards contain some special function cards such as ''skip'', ''reverse'', ''clothes exchange card'', etc., which have special effects. For example, in ''Clothes Exchange Card'', you can select any two players and set the colour at the same time. The selected player must then exchange cards of this colour.
【Note】: If you only have one card left in your hand, you need to call out the three letters on the back of the card aloud to alert other players. If other players notice you haven't screamed before playing a card, they can punish you by forcing you to draw two cards.
【Entertaining Game】: This is a card game that can train observation and reaction skills, suitable for multiple people.



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