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999999 Flashes IPL Laser Epilator for Women Home Use Devices Hair Removal Painless Electric Epilator Bikini

999999 Flashes IPL Laser Epilator for Women Home Use Devices Hair Removal Painless Electric Epilator Bikini

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Special Recommendation (2) : 2023 concept type latest technology 4-in-1 professional IPL Laser Epilator

Our products can perform the following four operations,
1. Hair removal;
2. Photon removes acne;
3. Photorejuvenation;
4. Skin moisture test;

IPL (Intense Pulsed light. referred to as IPL) is a broad-spectrum visible light, which can penetrate deep tissues of the skin to produce photothermal and photochemical effects, which can quickly destroy the hair follicles and achieve the effect of permanent hair removal.

It has the advantages of fast speed, good effect, high safety, no side effects, painless, shrinking pores, and moisturizing the skin.

It can also rearrange and regenerate collagen fibers and elastic fibers of the skin, restore elasticity, and achieve the effect of rejuvenating the skin. It is the latest hair removal technology in the beauty industry in the world.

 Our Laser Epilator not only removes hair, but also integrates photorejuvenation, laser acne removal and skin moisture testing. We have adopted one-button operation to make the use of the product simpler and more convenient.

The combination of four functions in one product greatly improves the cost performance of the product and makes your money more valuable.

 In terms of structural design, we have adopted a "gun-style" structure that is more suitable for operation, which is more suitable for hand-holding and long-term work.

The "gun-type" structure can be used for work anytime, anywhere, on the sofa, on the bed or even during office hours. It can also be operated with one hand, which greatly facilitates various working environments.

 The high temperature resistant quartz lamp head can be used more than 999999 flashes. It greatly improves the service life of the product and saves a lot of product cost for customers.

Using our products, there is no need to constantly replace the lamp head and other unnecessary costs.

 We have increased the area of the lamp head, so as to produce a larger light area when working, and the work can be completed in a short time, thus saving a lot of working time.

Compared with the ordinary laser epilator, we have increased the light area by 30%, thus effectively improving the work efficiency.

 We have added a filter device to the lamp head, which can filter most of the impurity light, and 100% of the effective light wavelength improves the safety of the product. It can be used on any part of the body.

Product safety is always our top priority in product design. We promise that our products meet the current international standards.

 Five energy levels can be personalized for different body parts, different races, and different skin colors, so as to improve the efficiency of hair removal and prevent hair from growing again.

You can find the power level that works best for you with practice, and you can tell it works on any part of your body that you want to epilate.

In order to create greater value for customers, we also provide two product versions: one with -10°c freezing technology, and the other without -10°c freezing technology. Their other product functions are the same.


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